Computer Generated Artwork Requirements

When providing digital art for our custom awards, these guidelines MUST be followed in order for our graphics department to make use of your artwork on your corporate awards. This will enable us to be sure your file has opened correctly. If the art provided is to be used for engraving or glass etching, it must be Black and White Line Art. Gray scale and Halftone rendered artwork is not acceptable. If your art is to be imprinted in color, then we require a full color, preferably vector, high-resolution digital copy. All artwork should be a minimum of 400dpi or vector.

All digital artwork submitted will need to meet, or exceed,  our artwork requirements, which are shown below, or your order may be delayed and additional artwork charges may be incurred. We have the capability to recreate your digital art specifically for the type of product you are purchasing. Production time to create art is typically 24-48 hours depending on the complexity. CLICK HERE to navigate to our Artwork Conversion Service page and purchase this service.


We are a PC based company. All Macintosh files must be provided in a PC compatible version.


All artwork for our corporate trophies and awards is required to have a minimum of 300 dpi resolution. Graphics designed for use on the Internet are not acceptable. Formats we prefer are EPS, AI, PDS, CDR.  Formats, such as JPEG, BIT, and GIF, are not acceptable and are generally far too low-resolution for us to work with.


Low-resolution files provided in AI, PDF, EPS, or CDR formats will still yield poor results. Faxed, scanned or artwork which has been reproduced will not laser engrave or sublimate correctly and will, in fact, appear blurry or scratchy. We reserve the right to refuse artwork that does not meet our basic standards of product quality when used with our equipment.


This is the preferred type of art for our  laser engraving process. Black and white line art contains black and white lines only. No shades of half or grey tones can be used in this artwork. Black and white line art is required for engraving glass, crystal, acrylic, marble, wood, plastic, aluminum, brass, and other types of material we frequently handle.


Color art can be used on any corporate awards that are sublimated. If specific color matches are desired, you must provide pantone numbers to identify each color that you wish us to recreate.


.EPS, .AI, .PDF, and .CDR files in VECTOR format with high-resolution of 1000 dpi or more are the most preferred and accepted format.


We are unable to achieve satisfactory results when digital artwork is submitted in the following formats, but not limited to, Word, .DOC, .XIS, Excel, .GIF and .JPG or .JPEG. Cellular Device and Internet pictures are generally too low – resolution to be used.


If your artwork contains Text of any type, such as a company name, please provide the Font Name with your digital artwork in the event we need to re-create your graphic design.

SubSurface Artwork Information:

2D Subsurface art must be submitted in .Ai, .EPS,.PDF or .TIFF file formats in a minimum resolution of 500dpi.
3D Subsurface art must be submitted in .Max, . OBJ, IGS, .STL, .DAE, .FBX, .SKP, .DWG, .STP, .DXF or .3DM file formats and are subject to other formats but at a $80/hr conversion work fee to make usable.
We do offer artwork conversions at an hourly cost rate of $60.00/hr. depending upon the artwork and what you need. Please contact us prior to making this purchase for a quote.