How long does it take to get a Proof of my ordered corporate award?
Anywhere from a couple hours to two business day

How do I get my logo in color on your awards?
9/10 times we do NOT do color filling on our awards. There are select items where this can be made available at an additional cost, such as some of our glass awards, or the occasional plaque. It is best to ask us specifically which awards can have color included rather than to assume that they can be. To be safe I would contact a sales associate before hand to ask for some options or to see if the award you are interested in can accept color, but assume that most all of them can not.

How long does it take to create my order once I’ve approved my Proof?
Production time ranges from three up to eight business days, depending on what custom awards you’ve ordered and how many.
Generally, it takes roughly four to five business days, once the proof has been approved to create your trophies and plaques.

How long does it take once my order is completed to ship it to me?
After your custom award has been completed, you will be notified via e-mail of your tracking number and the expected delivery date.
Depending on where you are in the United States and what time/day your package is shipped, it generally takes two to three business days to ship to you.

Late Fees?
In some (extremely) rare circumstances we may ship your order to meet your Rush or Expedited Shipping needs before payment has been received. This generally, and rarely, will ever happen (as we require payment prior to work and shipping for such orders) if it does and payment is not received within 2-3 days of the shipping date, we will automatically charge the last Credit Card you use the Rush & Expedited Shipping fee as well as a $75.00 LATE Fee. There are no refunds on this and ample contact will be made to you via phone and email for payment prior to the late Fee being charged.

My Tracking Number doesn’t work, what should I do?
It takes a couple hours before your tracking number is activated by the post office to actually show what your expected delivery date and time will be. If you’ve waited for longer than that, please contact us via phone so that we can make sure you have the correct shipping number and that your order was indeed shipped.

I received a proof but want to cancel my order?
If you have received a proof but wish to cancel your order you may be subject to a 20-30% restocking or shipping fee. In some cases instead of a 20-30% restock (normally applied to custom cut awards or specific ordered pieces) we will substitute the Stripe Fee or Return shipping fee of that item ( typically $15.00 artwork/setup and transactional fee).

We apologies for the inconvenience and strive to be as open and easy to work with as possible!

How can I make changes to my order?
If you need to make changes to your order, please call us at our contact number ASAP. If you’ve already approved a proof of your custom award and need to make changes, do NOT wait to contact us. Chances are, if your proof has already been approved and verified, it is too late to modify your order

What’s your return policy?
If you do not like your items, we will happily exchange them for any other corporate award in our selection and either refund or charge you the difference. If you decide to cancel your order, please contact us immediately, and we will cancel your order and refund your payment completely for up to five days from the date of your order. There will also be a 20-30(%) percent restocking fee on any items that may have been ordered specifically for your order ( All Depends on your order and the specific creation of items) ; the sooner you contact us with changes the better. If a proof has been sent to you, chances are, the part has already been ordered, so please do not wait to make contact with us in order to avoid a restocking fee.

All Crystal awards are subject to 50% restocking fees.

What are your business hours?
Open 11:00AM – 5:00 PM EST Tuesday – Friday (Office Hours), Excluding Holidays.
Extended Times and Pickups available, please call the during office hours to arrange a time.

I did not approve a proof in time for my deadline, can I return my item?
If we have made more than one attempt to reach you via Email, Phone or other means and have not been able to reach you for a question, proof approval or other reason we are not at fault. Your item will be sent following our standard means as soon as you do approve a proof or as soon as our shelf deadline for approval has been reached, this is not a refundable excuse.

This generally takes place if an allotted amount of time has passed with no response or if you place a deadline/event date and do not respond to any emails or phone calls. You are NOT eligible for a refund or return once your order has been sent to production even without approval.

What do you do with orders if you don’t hear back from me after more than 14 days?
If we cannot make contact regarding your orders proof to be approved at day 10, then we will attempt to make contact for proof approval by phone call. If we have not been able to reach you for proof verification, or have not heard back past the 14th day, then we will go forward with your project with a proof designed to the top quality we always work towards and ship as soon as it is completed.

What if I need my order ASAP/ Less than normal production time?
A lot of items we carry as a regular in-stock shelf item just in case of such a situation. However, if you need an order as soon possible we will waive the need to approve a proof of the artwork immediately in order to help cut down on production time. This means if you request a receival date that is sooner than 7 business days of your order you are not entitled to the free proof as normal. Keep in mind if this is not a quick ship item, or we are not capable of the date you’ve requested, we will contact you as soon as we can to inform you that your request is not possible. Also note that sometimes in order to reach a deadline requested next day shipping charges may apply as well and you will be contact via email/phone for the difference in shipping costs before shipping has commenced.

My award(s) arrived damage, what do I do now?
If your order has arrived damaged or broken do NOT throw it away or the package it was shipped in. Contact us immediately, we have a 2 day full refund guarantee upon confirmed delivery of your order and a degrading % return policy afterwards. Once you’ve reported to us that your item has been damaged or is broken (please include a picture if possible as this helps immensely in the expedient refund or replacement process) we will get back to you right away with the necessary steps to receive a refund or replacement.

Free Shipping, Is this Standard or Expedited?
Our free shipping is based on a USPS or FedEx standard 5-7 Business Days. We can increase the speed at which you receive it but you will be responsible for paying our difference in cost over the phone or email by credit card before the item is shipped. If you need something next day air or faster than standard ground delivery don’t hesitate to let us know!
We do NOT offer Free Shipping outside of the Continental United States of America at this time.

My package was never delivered, what do I do?
Before you contact us, take your shipping number to your local post office, or FedEx office depending which mail carrier has your order, and make sure they do not have it on hand or in their sorting facility. 9/10 times, that’s where it will be due to an incomplete or incorrect mailing address given to us for shipment. We are not responsible or liable for shipping errors or failed deliveries as this is out of our hands. They are their own business just as we are ours, you will need to file claim with your postal services.

***** If your order has been mailed, and mailed to an address you have provided us, we are no longer viable for any loss or nondelivery of your order as it is out of our hands. You can file against the postal service responsible in person at their facility. But still contact us so we can make sure there is nothing we can do for you on our end. *****

I haven’t received a proof and its been more than 48 hours?
To date we have never run more than 48 hours without sending you an artwork proof. Make sure to check the email you provided us and your spam email. Almost every time it is in the SPAM/TRASH folder in your own personal email or we were provided an incorrect email address. If you still have not received a proof (disregarding holidays and weekends of course) feel free to contact us at our phone number under our QuickLinks> Customer Support located here:

What happens if you cant contact me via my number or email I have provided?
We will label this as a “No Contact Available.”

What this means is that we will automatically move forward with what engraving or artwork you have provided us in your order. If you did not enter any then it shall be left as a blank award and mailed to you blank. We will at least try to establish contact with 2 emails and 2 phone calls on different days. If you did not want us to have completed your order but we went ahead and moved forward at this step, you can return your product to us in its original shipping and we will refund you 75% of your order total at that time. 20% Re-stocking fee, 5% return-shipping fee. If the item is returned to us damaged we will evaluate and deduct the necessary amount to repair or replace that piece instead.

What happens if my international package never arrives?

Please note we are not responsible for what happens to your package once it leaves the United States. Frequently the transition from USPS to International shipping is hit and miss an all tracking information does not carry through most of the time. Delays ranging from a couple days to months with customs can also incur with little to no notice.

While we can file for loss of package insurance within the US, once it leaves US soil there is zero claims that we can make. This also is the case once it arrives on foreign ground and is placed in the hands of a different package delivery service.

My package is missing or stolen?
We are not responsible for missing or stolen packages. You will be given a tracking number when your order is shipped, please plan to be available to receive the package upon delivery to avoid these type of unfortunate circumstances.

Are you open on the Holidays?
No we are not. We are closed on the following Holidays..

Thanksgiving; and the following day through the weekend
Christmas (and the day before) through New Years Day, we will open again on the following business day
4th Of July (Observed Calendar Day)
Memorial Day (Observed Calendar Day)
Labor Day (Observed Calendar Day)
Veterans Day (Observed Calendar Day)