We want you to be pleased with the products we send you. If your items arrive damaged, we will replace them, absolutely free within 3 days of receiving your item no questions asked. We will not accept any returns past 7 days of your items being received. We will ship the replacement items by FedEx Ground, UPS Ground or Postal Priority – if you need them faster, we can do so, but we will charge you the difference in shipping costs, with your approval, of course.

If you do not like your items, we will happily exchange them for any other award in our selection and either refund or charge you the difference (As long as it has nothing to do with artwork after approval, the award itself must be the issue). If you decide to cancel your order, please contact us immediately and we will cancel your order and refund your payment completely from up to 5 days from the date of your order. Keep in mind you will need to return the original order piece to us in order to take advantage of this. We do NOT offer this on any Glass or Crystal items as their engraving is permanent.
All returns without exchanges are subject to a 20-30% restocking fee, NO EXCEPTIONS.

If you wish to change your selected award from one brand or type to another please call us immediately. There will be a 20-30% restocking fee at the time of this change that will be handled by our customer service representatives over the phone, or through the website. The amount is judged based on if the product is a custom piece or not.

All Crystal Awards have a 40-50% Restocking Fee

If we cannot make contact regarding your orders proof to be approved at day 6, then we will attempt to make contact for proof approval by phone call. If we have not been able to reach you for proof verification, or have not heard back past the 10th day, then we will go forward with your project with a proof designed to the top quality we always work towards and ship as soon as it is completed. Keep in mind if we have attempted to contact you at least once by email and you miss your in hand date this is not at our fault, you are responsible for your emails. Please check your Spam/Trash regularly as we can not be held liable for your inability to receive our artwork due to transition/recipient failures.

If you place an order and request the product be delivered in a sooner than normal listed production time, keep in mind production time does NOT include waiting for proof approval or shipping (which generally takes 3-5 days depending on your location within the USA), you are waiving your right to a proof approval as this cuts in to the time needed to create a product significantly.  We will still send you a proof in the odds that you are able to review it within an almost immediate time frame, but we will not be able to wait for your approval to move forward with production. It is also possible that additional  shipping charges for expedient shipping will apply and will be collected before shipping occurs.

** If a product arrives damaged or not up to expectations please keep all packaging and the item as you may be required to return it in order to receive a refund **

If we have emailed you and called you with no response up to 3 business days after your order date, this will be labeled as a “No Contact Available”.

What this means is that we will automatically move forward with what engraving or artwork you have provided us in your order. If you did not enter any then it shall be left as a blank award and mailed to you blank. We will at least try to establish contact with 2 emails and 2 phone calls on different days. If you did not want us to have completed your order but we went ahead and moved forward at this step, you can return your product to us in its original shipping and we will refund you 75% of your order total at that time. 20% Re-stocking fee, 5% return-shipping fee. If the item is returned to us damaged we will evaluate and deduct the necessary amount to repair or replace that piece instead.

All Crystal and Glass Awards that have been ETCHED are not eligible for return fees. Non-Etched Blank (undamaged) Crystal and Glass awards are subject to 50% restocking.