Art glass awards are perfect for any executive’s office. When you want to mark the successful completion of a large project, special leadership abilities, a retirement, or a certain number of years of service, our beautiful glass recognition awards send the message with style and sophistication.

Our custom glass plaques and trophies are available in a wide range of styles, shapes, and sizes. Some are even available in high-quality crystal. Our craftsmen use the latest technology and premium materials to create art glass recognition awards that will last a lifetime.

Custom glass plaques and trophies convey bragging rights in the best possible way. When engraved with the achiever’s name, title of the award, and occasion, the world can see how much their talents are appreciated. Personalized art glass awards mean so much more than plain sculptures, however elegant the design.

Once you’ve placed your order online, our professional staff of graphic artists will respond quickly. We lay out your logo and text on the award you’ve chosen and send art proofs for your approval. This process assures accuracy and guaranteed satisfaction.

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